For decades we are producing:

DUSTERS for the distribution of organic powders such as sulphur (traditional and ventilated sulphur, bentonite sulphur, copper sulphur, etc.), magnease lime, zeolites and specific bentonites, etc. in conventional, organic and integrated agriculture, ideal for preventing and treating plant diseases. such as powdery mildew, botrytis, ticchiolatura, peronoespera, etc.

We always believe:

in the use of sulphur powder, used alone or with other powders, in agriculture to prevent fungal diseases such as oidium (powdery mildew), save crops from mold such as botrytis (grey mould) in particularly wet or rainy seasons.

We believe in the agriculture:

that preserves the vitality of the soil and does not impoverish it, in the tradition that alongside innovation protect the health of farmers and consumers.


The mechanical operating system of the MB DUSTERS allows a continuous and uniform distribution:

the agitator, placed inside the tank, optimizes the dust exit by splitting any lumps and pushing it towards the exit holes;

the fan creates a swirl of air intercepting the powders up and distributes them to the diffusers. With these system the powder comes out in a continuous and homogeneous way.

The decades-long life of MB sulphur dusters is guaranteed by the quality of the materials used in production (aluminium, steel, polyethylene, iron, alloy) and the specific professionalism acquired over the years.

At MB Bergonzi we work to better meet the needs of national and foreign customers.

We work to find the best solutions on the choice of duster and accessories for different crops. We guarantee timely deliveries and provide post-sales support service.


The sulphur powder:

is the main product in antifungal treatments in agriculture, it is economical and brings multiple advantages in the agricultural ecosystem:
• it prevents the serious disease of powdery mildew and blocks its proliferation, in copper mixture prevents and limits rot, in association with bentonite or zeolite becomes an effective anti-botrytis treatment. There are many testimonies in this regard that MB customers report during the EIMA INTERNATIONAL fair in Bologna.
• protects plants (hazel, vine, pear, etc.) from Eriofide and performs an mite repellent action.
• distributed in the evening hours, does not affect pollinating insects.
• doesn’t cause resistance.
it is a soil improver because it is the fourth nutritional element of plants after azote, phosphorus and potassium.


Souce: from  “Manuale dei metodi e delle tecniche a basso impatto” page  Avversità e difesa delle piante – website region Emilia Romagna:

“Lo zolfo è una sostanza anticrittogamica impiegata fin dalla metà del 1800 in viticoltura e poi in frutticoltura per combattere il “mal bianco”, ha azione però anche nei confronti di numerose altre avversità. Lo zolfo si trova in natura come elemento (S). Agisce allo stato di vapore pertanto il fattore che condiziona la sua azione è la temperatura e non la presenza di acqua che anzi potrebbe ostacolare la sublimazione delle particelle di zolfo”

– scheda zolfo
– indice completo del manuale

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